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Dear Friends,

We're here in Dhahran and getting settled. A slight hiccup, though. Because we held an online wine sale for our friends when we were in the States, some genius decided to get our website on an "Alcohol and Tobacco" website list and now we can't see it here.

We are appealing to Aramco and Security Labs, so let's hope that common sense prevails.
This is all that we are able to see!

JULY 30th: Success, but thought you would still enjoy the "block" picture. Last week while catching up on my current "gossip" knowledge, via the illustrious publication "People", I found that a video of Lindsay Lohan was similarly blocked - hmm, I can only imagine what I missed out on!
Please note that our phone numbers have changed, and our new numbers are:

Bunni: 713-909-0961
Rex: 713-909-0962
Jay: 713-909-0963
(to be activated someday)

Please note that we are eight hours ahead of Houston, and we are generally shutting down for the night at 8pm. Therefore,
please call between 6am and noon Houston time.